NAIHC is now

Dear Friends of Industrial Hemp and Marijuana,

We have partnered with we believe this partnership is necessary for our survival. Hemp and marijuana investments are expected to experience huge growth over the next 20 years. We wanted to knock two birds out with one stone, by partnering with we can stay funded to focus on our mission while also giving new investors information.

How has Naihc funded its extensive efforts and progress to date?
We’ve done it on a shoestring.

NAIHC board members have contributed time, money and other resources.
We haven’t received the corporate contributions that would normally flow to a new industry because of the hesitancy in the boardrooms about the “marijuana” issue. Instead we’ve relied primarily on member dues and the help of two extraordinary philanthropic entities.

  • The Turner Foundation (yes, Ted the media mogul) sees industrial hemp as good for American farming and forests, and recognizes that its superior fiber characteristics make hemp the renewable fiber of choice.
  • The Wallace Genetic Foundation (yes, Henry, the plant breeder, Secretary of Agriculture and Vice President under Franklin Roosevelt) sees industrial hemp as a vital component of sustainable farming.

Presently NAIHC runs without staff. It is a board-directed and a board-operated organization. The NAIHC board is quite a network in itself and has the capacity to succeed where previous efforts have failed. We have now

The NAIHC coalition that includes the likes of Woolsey, Anderson, Turner and Nader is a coalition that can’t be ignored. That’s why NAIHC has made the breakthroughs we have.

To get where we are today, the NAIHC has spent nearly every dime it has.

The media relations work cost about half of our approximately $120,000 annual budget. The rest went primarily for travel, conference calls, printing, and our annual conference.

In the coming months, we want to do more media work, more advocacy, more public education, and to build on this great momentum. But we need money to do it. The foundations have been critical to our funding, but they can only do so much. NAIHC must rely on membership dues to get the job done.

The NAIHC has made huge breakthroughs. With your help we can do the necessary follow-through to see industrial hemp again planted on US soil.

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  • To re-establish and expand the use of industrial hemp.



  • Form and establish relationships between 
academia, farmers, agribusiness, manufacturers, government, public interest groups, and marketing firms with an emphasis on land management, economic and environmental considerations;
  • Develop policies to enhance the stewardship of our lands through sustainable cultivation, product development, manufacturing and marketing of industrial hemp and other comparable annual fiber crops;
  • Promote the development of new products and business based on industrial hemp fibers and seeds;
  • Cooperatively foster a better understanding of industrial hemp and other annual fiber crops and their implications for the environment and rural economic development.
  • To provide information about marijuana and Hemp Stocks
  • To bring market awareness to Hemp and Marijuana sector publically traded companies.
  • To highlight stock market trends in the sector.

We believe there is a huge opportunity in the marijuana stocks sector and in the hemp stock sector. There are new startup companies that are ready to explode! 2019 should be a great year for the cannabis stock market sector.