Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch on NASDAQ

        Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch on NASDAQ

All electronic stocks are found on the NASDAQ, and it is sure to be the groundbreaker for marijuana stock. Almost all US based companies trade over-the-counter but few marijuana stock companies trade on the NASDAQ which is an electronic stock market, which means it can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world.

Here’s a list of the marijuana stocks on NASDAQ that you must not miss. Now note, not all companies listed on the NASDAQ are actually major marijuana traders, most of them merged or had partnership with them.

  • Cronos Group Incorporated: Cronos Group always searches for subsidiaries and licensed producers of cannabis. (NASDAQ: CRON)
  • GW Pharmaceuticals Plc: GW Pharmaceuticals is a fore runner in the marijuana stocks, but mainly in the Medical marijuana sphere. This company is known for its creation of the Sativex and the Epidiolex, which are cannabinoid based drug for spasticity and multiple sclerosis and cannabinoid-based drug for the treatment of the rare and severe cases of child epilepsy respectively. It has also began research into the use of cannabinoid based drug for the treatment of glioma and schizophrenia. (NASDAQ: GWPH)
  • Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holding: This company looks into the use of cannabis and its product for medical uses. The implementation of this biotech company has seen the integration of research, development, and manufacturing of cannabinoid based chemicals to formulate a drug to counter fibtotic ad inflammatory diseases. (NASDAQ: CRBP)
  • Insys Therapeutics Inc: Insys is a major name in the medical marijuana stock, it creates, develops and commercializes cannabinoid based drugs for trading on the market. Known famously for its product the Subsys fentanyl spray, it has been approved by the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) for the sale of Drobanol which is a Tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC) based drug for its treatments AIDS patient with nausea as a result of chemotherapy and anorexia. It is also looking into developing cannabinoid based drugs for the medical market. (NASDAQ: INSY)
  • Psychemedics Corporation: This company operates by using the end results of cannabis in enforcement capacity. Presently, it is using hair samples for testing of drugs. (NASDAQ: PMD)
  • Zynerba Pharmaceutical Inc: Zynerba is cutrently developing two cannabinoid-based drugs to battle peripheral neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and the rare condition of the Fragile X syndrome. It is also focused on developing drugs to battle dermal diseases. (NASDAQ: ZYNE)
  • Cara Therapeutics: Cara therapeutics is a biotech company that deals with the formulation of drugs to combat the symptoms of itching and pain. Though a clinical stage company, it is currently processing a pre-clinical stage research on the treatment of neuropathic pain. (NASDAQ: CARA)
  • Therapix Biosciences Limited: This company is focused on the treatment of the rare Tourette’s syndrome and mild cognitive impairment through the implementation of cannabinoid based drugs. (NASDAQ: TRPX)
  • Intec Pharma Ltd: Intec Pharma is a bio pharmaceutical company developing cannabinoid based drugs for the treatment of fibromyalgia, lumbago and low back pain. All this drugs are based on their technology called the Accordion Pill Technology. (NASDAQ: NTEC)

All these stocks on NASDAQ are the leading stocks to watch and invest in, because they are here to change the fate of the medical marijuana into a driving force in the medical industry.

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