New York State won by Democrats: Huge scope opens for the legalization of weed

The recent result of the victory of Democrats on the New York State after seventy huge years of nearly permanent GOP control has led to a great scope for the legalization of weed. The re-election was celebrated by Senator Andrea Steward-Cousins who are the prospective Senates for the New York region. Democrats have been given a control of the Senate of the state after uninterrupted control over it for the last 70 years. There has been a huge impact on the state and the policies with regard to the universal healthcare and legalization of Marijuana. The previous GOP stronghold was removed by the Senate victory as the Democrats have a hold over the assembly of the state and governorship.

This control over the state after 70 years is a big move for the nearly permanent GOP control and is anticipated to have a huge impact on the state with the consequences turning towards legalizing weed for the universal healthcare purposes. The New York Senate was never under the control of the Democrats. The party held the upper house for a totality of lesser than 3 years since the year 1945. Wednesday results of the elections were a turnaround for the Democrats to control the chamber. The party leaders thanked the public for sending them the biggest majority. It is a signal that people want new and entrusted responses from Democrats. This historical win will turn towards a great scope and the public will look forward to the newness in the policies by the Democrats.

There have been many progressive changes promised by the Democrats, majorly in the field of universal healthcare. The bill unpassed by the Republicans on providing the New Yorkers with the universal health care will now have a scope to be turned towards the green signal. The Senate has turned blue after many years and the Republican ideologies will be stopped for another push in the way. It is a big plus as the Democrats hold the State Assembly and the governorship. New York will get the policies implemented which were primarily blocked by the Republican government. The focus on health care expansion will benefit the state and people living in the area and ensure everyone to retain the right of making their own medical decisions.

Legalization of Marijuana

There were many proposals made on the legalization of recreational marijuana. Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic Governor, won the re-election and even made an assurance to draft legislation for Marijuana legalization. There were also efforts made for pushing the Democratic policies including protection of immigrants, reformation of bail system and gun control.

It is expected that the Senate majority leader position will be taken by Steward-Cousins. This step would make her the first woman to lead the legislative chamber and even the first Afro-American female as the Senate leader. John C Liu will be the first Asian Senator (former New York City Comptroller). The first-time candidate Julia Salazar will be working as a Democratic socialist for serving in the state legislature.