Marijuana Stocks to consider NOW

Marijuana stocks are trending these days for the reason of getting legalization in Canada. There is a hope for these weed stocks to get increased prices with the strong social and political winds on the way of legalization. The stocks will go to a higher level and success is almost assured for the companies leading their sale in Cannabis in the US and Canada.

Here is the list of 5 Marijuana stocks to be considered for the most promising move:

  1. Terra Tech Corporation

The company has ticker symbol TRTC and it is establishing as a preeminent group in retailing cannabis products. It has secured $ 40 million in financing and is towards following the appropriate moves across the nation. It is looking forward to the domination of California Marijuana industry. The plans for growth and expansion were revealed in the 2017 financial results. There are new facilities initiated in Nevada, California and NJ. Terra Tech Corporation is finding new spaces to grow and cultivate their products for a better growth. The company introduced reverse splitting in March 2018 to increase the trade price of stocks and with the aim of getting listed on the top exchanges. Terra Tech has a market cap of 11 million dollars. The new cultivation facility initiative of the company in San Leandro, CA is expected to produce 20K pounds of Marijuana on yearly basis.

  • Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Scotts Miracle-Gro has ticker symbol SMG and it is a marijuana stock on highest probability to grow. There are a few companies having a good reputation in the cannabis market. Scotts has a good name in horticulture and hydroponics sets and its presence in marijuana stream would be ultimately a plus for the purchase of stocks. The company’s presence in the cannabis market is always a plus for the acquisition of the past year results. It has acquired many cannabis groups and is advancing with its growing financial statistics.

  • Friday Night Inc.

Friday Night Inc. (Ticker symbol: TGIFF) announced a net profit of $ 1.5 million in the second quarter. It is a great move for the company and the stock analysts are keeping an eye on TGIFF for the bright prospects. The company’s subsidiary Canna Hemp (owned by a professional athlete (Torey Pudwill) signed a licensing agreement with Grizzly Griptape and it has become the first cannabis company to get associated with an athlete’s brand.

  • Medical Marijuana Inc.

Medical marijuana has OTC symbol MJNA. It is pot stock pioneer and has the record-breaking finances. The subsidiary HempMeds sponsored the 2018 World Medical Cannabis Expo in the month of April this year. The company has dedicated research on CBD and this is the major aspect in making it as the worthy stock to watch over.

  • Kush Bottles

Kush bottles is a cannabis technology-based corporation having the best acquisitions in the cannabis industry. Its deal with Summit Innovations (Hydrocarbons energy company in Colorado) has a positive impact on the stocks. Kush Bottles is the wholesale retailing company dealing with the distribution of products.

These companies have had a good reputation in the marijuana stocks and anticipate a bigger run in the upcoming phases.