Marijuana stocks to buy

Marijuana stocks to buy

Marijuana stocks have seen huge growth over the last five years. Every year, the restrictions over the marijuana usage for recreational and medical uses is removed as per the state policies. The medical marijuana industry is growing rapidly and will reach over 55 million value within 6 years. There are additional jobs created by the weed industry and the smart investors are looking to take advantage of the most explosive penny stocks under marijuana segment. If you want a complete list of marijuana stocks to buy click here.

Marijuana Stocks to Buy

• Industrial Segment

REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) focuses on the medical cannabis industry for its industrial property projects. The company has attained 1.5 times growth in the third quarter of 2018 and even paid a dividend to the shareholders. There are more profits expected from the company in 2019. The company can reap beneficial rewards with the expansion of its business in the states.

• Constellation Brands

This segment made enormous success in 2018 for Canopy Growth. There is growth expected in this segment with the marijuana market growth with the promotion of cannabis in many US states for recreational purposes. The beer market brands like Modelo and Corona are expected to give a better growth for Constellation in 2019.

• Charlotte’s Web Holdings

Charlotte has been the major marijuana-related storyteller in the end weeks of 2018. The company claims the highest market share for hemp-based CBD products for daily wellness. The retail stores by Charlotte are expected to grow in the year 2019 with the boost in revenues with the legalization of hemp in the major parts of the US. The projection of the company is to reach $22 billion levels by the year 2022. The stock must also grow with the consecutive company’s growth and projections to reach towards a higher level.

• Origin House

Origin House is the biggest distributor of cannabis products in the state of California, US, which is the biggest legal marijuana distributor in the world. The stock of the company grew to a level of 60 percent in the year 2018 and there is an expectation for the stock to achieve heights in 2019. The launch of recreational marijuana in California could have been more successful in terms of business. The company ‘Origin House’ is expected to continue better launches of the brands with the growth of its distribution business. The stock is expected to be a winner with the promising growth of the company and there are many positive factors encouraging the growth of the company. This company can be definitely considered for investment.

• KushCo holdings

KushCo Holdings has established its name as the topmost supplier of the packaging solutions for the cannabis industry in the United States. There is anticipation for the growth of marijuana sales in the US and the market is projected to soar to a higher level in the next five years. KushCo is expanding its verticals in the Canadian and European states. There have been several acquisitions made by this cannabis supply chain company and the marketing services are provided for the cannabis industry leading to better prospects for business.