Marijuana and Hemp Stocks to buy

   Top Marijuana Stocks To Invest In

In our previous article, we talked about the marijuana stocks and how to invest in it, in this article we’ll be making mention of the major marijuana stock giants you can invest in. The reason for this is to make sure investment results in income.

They are all large caps investment and are moving strong in the marijuana stock market. For this we’ll share them into two groups; the above $2 billion market caps and the below $2 billion market caps.

Here are the above $2 billion market caps companies to invest in.

  1. Canopy Growth Corporation – One of the biggest names in the marijuana industry, it is the grand poobah currently, with a net worth of $11.5 billion, with more than $5 billion in cash and cash equivalent. CGC is one to invest in because it has a huge market expansion, can diversify into various stocks and is a safe haven for investments and investors. It is sold on NYSE.
  2. Tilray: Brought into public view only recently, Tilray has been making grounds and cutting heights. Breaking out with a market capitalization of $28 billion during a single day, it is one to put your investment in. Tilray is looking to physically and financially expand their business for production maximization and market diversification. It is sold on NASDAQ and is worth $10.3 billion currently.
  3. Aurora Cannabis: One of the top earners but also the biggest in production output with over 700,000 kilograms annually. Net Worth of $5.9 billion, it is sure to give the leaders a run for their money, having partnerships with major companies like Aurora Nordic and assistance from companies such as ICC labs and MedReleaf. Its a sure bet for investors. It is currently on the NYSE.
  4. GW Pharmaceutical: This medical cannabis company is one of a kind, a developer of cannabinoid drugs and legalized and approved by the FDA in June when its drug, Epidiolex to treat rare forms of child epilepsy. Due to their keen attention to using cannabis medically to cure rare ailments, this company is being given the least stringent scrutiny by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency. It is currently sold on NASDAQ with shares worth $3.9 billion.
  5. Curaleaf Holdings: No one saw this new company coming through the market until August, it broke through the market with the largest marijuana IPO. Boasting of over 33 dispensaries, 10 processing sites and 12 cultivation facilities all in the U.S the Curaleaf holdings transports its own marijuana and maximizes its supply chain and margin. Currently worth $2.7 billion in shares and sold on NYSE.
  6. Aphria: Aphria is an Ontario-based cannabis grower and third largest grower of cannabis annually trailing behind Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth Company with 255,000 kilograms per year. It is currently just slightly above the $2 billion cap mark with a whooping $2.1 billion in net worth and is sold on NYSE.