Elev8 Brands Inc.


Elev8 Hemp LLC is a company engaged in the marketing of the coffee blend with prime hemp seed. There are exclusive ingredients included in this hemp-based coffee brand. Elev8 Hemp Seed Coffee is the resultant of the blended hemp seeds with roasted, organic and prime texture. The Mexican coffee beans give a great taste and texture to the coffee and don’t leave any bad after-taste after consuming the beverage. Elev8 us working on the products helping you to keep a check on the health and fitness.

Elev8 Hemp LLC always focuses on creating the best quality and organic hemp products like hemp coffee, hemp tea and CBD rich tinctures for the people looking forward towards a healthy lifestyle. The Hemp Protein Powders and Seeds are packed with ultimate proteins, omega 3, 6 and 9 with the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and fiber as the major constituents. There is a natural balance for optimum taste and nutrition value of the products and Elev8 Hemp provides all-over fitness like no other product on the market. The coffee and tea are infused with the organic hemp protein powder having an excellent balance of omega acids to promote the cardiovascular health. The protein levels are also required for the body to attain 20 amino acids required for the body. The tea and coffee are made up of organic hemp having fibrous content helpful in cleansing the body from inside.

Hemp Tea is also available with the micro-encapsulation of the Canadian Hemp Seed oil with plant base. The company entirely focuses on the CBD-based products and different concepts than the other companies. The audit process of the company was started last month and the management tried to be completely transparent to their stockholders. The company is working on getting up-listed from Pink Sheets to OTCQB Market. It would require timely filings and financial exposure of the company for the better transparency to the shareholders. The company is aiming to attract the private investors which will probably open the new door to the financial spots.

Elev8 Brands have started making negotiations with the preeminent retailers and distributors with an aim to become the national recognized hemp-infused brand in the industry. There is a huge capability in the company’s policies and the increase in Market Capital would certainly do wonders for them. The 52-week low and high prices are $ 0.0067- $ 0.17. The company’s motive to become transparent through the clear financial listing would be a right step to move ahead and create a unique recognition. There has been a huge growth experienced over the past 12 months and the company is growing its scope to go globally active. There has been an affiliate program initiated for getting a better online exposure and attain brand awareness. Anyone can sign up and sell the products in affiliation to attain a good payout.

The management is expecting a lot from the affiliate program and their effort to attain better status in the market. The company will probably get the best response with its CBD range of products.