Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds

hemp seeds

Natural remedies are quickly becoming an accepted mode of treatment. This is mostly because they don’t pose the risk of detrimental side effects that synthetic treatments are affiliated with. One such treatment that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of products that are sourced from cannabis plants. Unlike a decade ago when all cannabis plants were known for was getting high (marijuana).

Now we know thanks to extensive research that hemp plants have a plethora of health benefits that make them a great natural remedy for people of all ages. In this extensive article, we are going to take a detailed look at Hemp seeds. The objective is to answer all the questions you have about Hemp seeds exhaustively.

What are Hemp Seeds?

Hemp seeds are the seed of the popular Cannabis Sativa plants which when specifically grown for fiber or seed has extremely low THC is known as Hemp plant. Fun fact about hemp is that it is considered by most experts the first ever crop cultivated by human beings and this goes as far as the beginning of recorded history.

What makes Hemp seeds the best option for medicinal purposes is the fact that they do not contain any psychoactive elements that can be damaging to the human body or mind when used long term. Although the debate about THC is still raging especially know that marijuana is still being has been ascertained to have undeniable benefits. Exhaustive research has unequivocally proven that hemp seed has no drug c0ontenet and is considered purely a health food item that is meant to help boost your immune system and ward off as many infections as possible.

What does the Hemp seed contain

Like any other seed of a plant, these seeds although beneficial health-wise consist of the same basic parts. There are four main commodities that are made from hemp seeds and this includes shelled seeds (also referred to as hemp hearts or hulled seeds), whole seeds. When the hemp seeds are cold pressed, it produces seed oil. Let us look at the products of hemp seeds in detail:

Whole Seed

When looking for fiber and proteins it is recommended that you consume more of the whole seeds instead of the oils. It will take much more oil to get the equivalent of what you get from whole seeds. While the shell of the hemp seed is quite crunchy, it is not difficult to eat at all. A great advantage of the whole seed is that the shell although a little but tough is packed with fiber that will help to ease digestion and also give you the feeling of satiety that the helps you stay fuller for longer. If you are satisfied you can easily keep your cravings at bay.

Shelled Seed

This is simply the whole seed with the shell completely removed. In most cases, the outer casing of the seed is removed so that consuming the seed becomes much easier. Since the shell is removed this type of seed is much easier to consume and digest. Additionally,    its also tastes pretty grade without the outer casing. What most people do not know is that the inner part of hemp seeds actually has a sweet and nutty flavor that people of all ages can enjoy.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the hemp seed and is considered by knowledgeable and experienced experts an excellent source of essential fatty acids (EFAs). So what are fatty acids? Simply put they are long chain poly-unsaturated fats that are considered ‘good fat’ or ‘beneficial fats’, they are great building blocks for the immune system. The reason that fatty acids are called or considered essential is that you can get them directly from your diet. If you consistently consume a diet that is lacking EFAs (essential fatty acids), simple conditions such as dry skin can exacerbate to become severe such as allergic reactions. This is because without sufficient essential fatty acids your immune system is severely compromised.

Hemp Protein Powder/Hemp Flour

This is another product that is also made from hemp seeds; it is simply a product that is made from the leftovers of specifically pressing oil. Hemp protein powder is considered a great way to obtain both proteins and fibers. What most people have no idea of is that not all protein powder made from hemp seeds are the same. To be on the safe side what you need to know is check the percentage of the protein powder that you are looking for. The protein percentage that is less than 35% is considered Hemp Flour because below 35% it means that the fiber content is way higher than the protein content. Only when the protein content is above 35% is the powder considered protein powder and not flour.


hemp seeds nutrition

As far as the seed and nut seeds world goes, Hemp seeds are like a gifted straight-A student who is also the popular captain of the football team. This is because just a couple of hemp seeds are packed with fiber and essential nutrients that come in handy in ensuring your immunes system is functioning excellently. Additionally, it does not hurt that hemp seeds are quite easy to cook and eat thanks to the soft nature and nutty taste. Most experts refer to the hemp seeds as a cross between the pine nut and sunflower seed. What makes them best for health purposes and perfect for your entire family is the fact that these seeds will not get you remotely high. In this article, we uncover everything you need to know about these little seeds.

Although the hemp plant and marijuana are members of the same species (Cannabis sativa), they are completely made from different plants. There are many varieties of hemp plants that are specifically grown for the purposes of food and most even contain as little as 0.001 percent of THC, this is the psychoactive element in cannabis plants. So what does this mean? Pretty simple! It means that you can consume as much hemp as you want without worrying about failing a drug test or even getting too high. Although there are certain states in The United States that have just began legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp in the last couple of years, currently most of the hemp seeds that you will purchase at your local store are most likely sourced from China or Canada.

Hemp Seeds are Complete Plant Proteins

Hemp seeds are actually one of the very few plant proteins that are complete. Here complete means they contain a wide range of essential amino acids including some that the human body is not able to manufacture naturally. The benefits of consuming plant proteins contained in hemp seeds include:

Helps to reduce cholesterol levels

Hemp seeds contain no cholesterol and additionally have very little saturated fat, this is according to an article published in the Journal of Perinatal Education is 2004. Hemp seeds are also one of the few plant proteins that include almost all the essential amino acids that help improve the functioning of your immune system. Research also suggests that hemp seeds ma posses some efficacy when it comes to regulating body weight and lowering blood sugar levels. One particular phytochemical present in hemp seeds known as genistein has been known to help reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Helps to decrease the risk of developing heart ailment

Most healthy plant proteins including hemp seeds are rich in minerals, fiber and other bioactive compounds that come in handy in promoting good health and ensuring that your immune system is working well. There is a high likelihood that hemp seeds will lower the risk of developing heart ailment, gallstones, and even Diabetes; this is according to a paper published in ‘Nutrients’. The author of this article also mentioned that hemp seeds also contain natural amino acids that are helpful in reducing both oxidative stress and inflammation. Hemp seeds are also known for their high concentration of important minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium.

Contains Lectins

Most plant proteins including hemp seeds contain lectins that have been found to possesses anti-cancer properties in both human case studies and test tube studies, this is according to an extensive study published in the ‘Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition’. The lectins gradually become internalized into cells and this helps block any cancerous growths and also modulates immune function by activating important components of the immune system.

Hemp seeds are rich in important minerals and vitamins

Some of the important minerals that are contained in Hemp seeds include:

Vitamin A

Helps to support good eyesight, helps facilitate the growth of healthy hair and also boost the immune function

Vitamin B1

Helps to support the proper working of the immune system and also comes in handy is ensuring healthy brain development.

Vitamin B2

This important vitamin comes in handy in supporting healthy skin and healthy eyes. It wards off harmful skin conditions such as acne, dry skin and other skin infections that detrimentally affect the appearance of skin.

Vitamin B3

Helps to improve digestion especially significantly so that you are able to remain healthy and also maintain a normal body weight effortlessly.

Vitamin B5

Helps in metabolizing Liver toxins

Vitamin B6

This extremely important vitamin comes in handy in the formation of healthy red blood cells.

Vitamin D

Significantly strengthens bones and comes in handy in ensuring proper utilization of calcium so that it sufficiently meets all the needs of the body.

Vitamin E

This is the vitamin responsible for boosting metabolism, supporting healthy hair growth, ensuring healthy nails good skin both in terms of health and appearance.


This mineral is heavily present in hemp seeds and comes in handy in ensuring healthy bone development in the long term. This is especially necessary if you are under any other medication that can weaken your bones and negatively affect calcium levels in the body.


This extremely important mineral helps the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body. When your body is sufficiently supplied with enough oxygen your energy levels are extensively elevated.


This is the mineral responsible for elevating muscle function. Additionally, it also plays an important role in ensuring that carbohydrates are metabolized as fast as possible. When carbs are metabolized they are not converted into fats and stored in the body as reserves.


This extremely important mineral helps to support healthy and fast sugar metabolism and also has potent antioxidant properties that help ensure that any free radicals are eliminated. Keep in mind that free radicals are responsible for causing inflammation and illness.

Let’s delve into Magnesium for a little bit. This is one of the most important minerals that hemp seeds contain. Most people are unaware that most people are deficient in this mineral. If you are not a fan of supplements then the best way to get Magnesium is through plant proteins such as Magnesium. Just a single ounce of hemp seeds contains as much as a whopping 192 mg of magnesium!


This is another mineral present in hemp seeds that come in handy balancing base/acid in the body. Additionally, phosphorous also helps to build and strengthen bones.


Helps to balance the levels of sodium in the body and also comes in handy in regulating the fluids in the body.


Helps to support both muscle and nerve function so that copper is kept in balance.

Hemp seeds contain special GLA Fatty acids

This is definitely one of the most important benefits of hemp seeds. GLA fatty acids (gamma-linolenic acid) are an incredibly powerful and useful fatty acid that comes in handy in regulating hormones. It achieves this by supporting prostaglandin production. According to knowledgeable and reliable experts, getting enough gamma linoleic acid helps to fend off debilitating illnesses such as Diabetic neuropathy, breast cancer, ADHD, high blood pressure, eczema, and acne.

Hemp seeds provide both soluble and insoluble fiber

One of the most important benefits of hemp seeds that cannot be ignored is the fact that they are rich in fiber.

Insoluble fiber

This kind of fiber comes in handy in ensuring the digestive tract is working well.  Additionally, insoluble fiber also helps to control the PH of the intestines. This helps to avoid both constipation and colon cancer.

What about soluble fiber

This kind of fiber comes in handy in ensuring that blood sugar levels are well regulated and can slow help lower cholesterol levels.

How are Hemp Seeds Farmed? An In-depth Look at Farming Hemp

hemp seed farming

Since more stares in the US are legalizing the medicinal use of hemp, it is becoming a lucrative business farming hemp. Research indicates that the market for both domestic and industrial hemp is growing extremely fast as more states continue lifting the ban on Hemp. So what does Hemp farming entail? These articles will answer this all-important question;

First and foremost to grow Hemp in the United States one requires a permit that is issued by the State Department of Agriculture

This is a must if you are intending to grow hemp for commercial purposes. Unlike corn, hemp grain is not your typical run-of-the-mill crop. To produce hemp, you not only require a specific license but also approval by the State Department of agriculture in the area you reside in.

Before you put the seed on the ground

So you already did your homework and have already applied for the appropriate permits needed to grow the industrial hemp and you also have a few buyers in mind/. With all the paperwork done, now you are down to the dirty work. Here is a step by step guide:

It begins by performing thorough and complete soil tests

Hemp is an extremely resilient crop that I capable of growing successfully in nearly all types of soil. Additionally, this incredibly healthy crop also has been shown to shade out and outgrown most weeds. So if all this is true, why then do I need to perform soil tests? Soil tests are extremely necessary if you want to optimize the expected grain yield. Additionally, soil tests are also important because much of the market when it comes to hemp grain is dependent o whether your yield can be classified organic. What most farmers of hemp are unaware of is just how fast the market is shifting from conventional grain and instead of moving towards organic hemp gram which is preferred by whole foods markets. In fact currently, organic hemp is selling for twice the price of the alternative.

When soil tests for the farming of Hemp are carried out, the focus on nutrients such as potassium sulfate, element sulfur, and rock soft phosphate. It is advisable to ensure that soil tests are all done by early spring or late fall before the official planting begins.

Only plant the seed when the soil temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit 

It is recommended that the rows are narrow so that the weed is suppressed, according to knowledgeable and experienced experts the seeds should be planted when the soil is ½ to ¾ inches deep in the ground. The seeding rate that ensures maximum yield is 30lb per acre. Since planting hemp even on a large scale only requires standard seeding equipment and conventional combines in planting and harvesting, it is an endeavor that any interested farmer can take on and succeed in.

It is important to ensure that soil fertility is balanced

It is important to ensure that the conditions in the soil are supportive of the optimum growth for Hemp plants. Harvesting should be done approximately 110 days using conventional combines. According to the knowledgeable and experienced expert, 110 days is the ideal period to combine and to clean the grain of any foreign material that might affect storage and need to contamination.

Soil Conditions

The perfect soil conditions for the growth of hemp plants are well drained, loamy soil that has a PH (acidity) of above 6. Experts, however, prefer that the soil has a neutral to a slightly alkaline PH of 7.0 to 7.5. It has been scientifically ascertained that the higher the clay content in the soil, the lower the yield f grain or fiber. If the soil that you are dealing with is poorly structured and drought-prone sandy soils it will provide little natural fertility to help support the growth of hemp plants. In this case, you need extra nutrients and water so that you can attain maximum yields. When the soil does not naturally support the growth of the hemp plant, the extra costs will make production uneconomical.

What is the right climate for growing Hemp plants?

Hemp plants require alt of moisture to ensure maximum yield approximately 300 to 400mm of rainfall. If a farmer realizes that the amount of rainfall does not meet what is required then it is extremely important to make use soil moisture and cover the soil early to reduce surface evaporation that removes moisture from the soil. ½ of this moisture is required during the flowering period and seed set to ensure that there is maximum grain yield.

Let’s now look at weed control when it comes to Hemp plants

Based on research and statistics, when hemp plant is planted in well-drained fertile soil that meets the temperature and moisture conditions, the hemp plant will germinate pretty fast and reach an incredible 30cm within the first 4 weeks of initial planting. It is estimated that with the right conditions you can expect 200 to 250 plants per square meter; this is enough to suppress nearly all weed growth including the ever-stubborn twitch grass.

Pests and Diseases

There are more than 50 different bacteria, fungi, viruses and insect pests that the hemp plant is susceptible to. What makes this plant more resistant to diseases and pets is the rapid growth in addition to its vigorous nature as compared to other weeds.

Storage and Baling

Baling this plant after harvesting can be done with any kind of baler. According to experienced farmers, softcore and large round balers are considered more appropriate because they allow the bales to fry more in storage. It is compulsory for bales to be stored indoors in completely dry conditions and immediately stop the retting process before the fiber rots. The recommended stalk moisture is less than 15% at the time of baling and should dry for about 10%.

Hemp Seed and Fibre Harvesting

In some cases, hemp is grown for both fiber and grain, under this conditions it is necessary that the tall stalks are re-cut after combining. A combine intended to be used for this purpose can be modified to perform both functions effortlessly simply by mounting the sickle-bar mower under the header to operate close to the ground.

Here are the 15 indispensable benefits of Hemp Seeds

Now that we understand how hemp seeds are grown and their nutritional value, let delve into the benefits of the hemp seeds when included in someone’s regular diet. Hemp seeds are one of the best and most reliable sources of plant-based proteins and GLA essential amino acids that help ward off diseases by ensuring the immune system is strengthened and working optimally. This has been discussed in detail earlier in this article. As a plant protein, this nutritional powerhouse has numerous benefits as we are going to discuss here. Hemp seeds are no a new phenomenon, they have actually been used as food and medicinally for thousands of years especially in parts of Europe, Africa, and South East Asia.  Let us explore the indispensable benefits of consuming hemp seeds:

Significantly Improves Heart Health

hemp seed heart health

Reliable research by knowledgeable and experienced experts has shown that hemp seeds have a wide variety of benefits when it comes to heart health. We live in a generation that is defined by lifestyle ailments one of the main ones being heart diseases that can literally change your lifestyle detrimentally. One of the important ways that hemp seeds help to ensure great heart health is by balancing cholesterol and fatty acids in the human body. Keep in mind that it is excess cholesterol that blocks your heart from pumping blood normally.

Most experts recommend a specific balance of 3:1 and 4: omega-6 fatty acids to omega 3 fatty acids. A fun fact is that the hemp seed is one of rare naturally occurring foods that already contain this perfect balance. It is important to keep in mind that the proper balance of saturated fats in the body is extremely essential in ensuring that your body remains functioning normally. When saturated fats are in proper balance you can be sure that debilitating and damaging conditions to the body such as strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis and completely prevented. Additionally, the high fiber content in hemp seeds is also great for your heart health and also helps to prevent conditions such as excess cholesterol.

Hemp seeds help to boost digestive health

hemp seeds digestive health

The food that we eat is the fuel that helps us keep moving and also helps to ensure the body is provided with all that it needs to remain healthy and ward of any infections. Hemp seeds are a reliable sourced of dietary fiber that is essential for the swift digestion of food and the proper functioning of the digestive system. So how does dietary fiber/insoluble fiber in hemp seeds help in digestion? Pretty simple! It bulks up a stool and this is what eases the passage of the waste in the digestive system, therefore, lowering vulnerability to both diarrhea and constipation.

On the other hand, soluble fiber helps to stimulate bile juice and these results in reducing the total amount of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the human body. Generally speaking, the effects of soluble and insoluble fiber on the human body will help keep of a variety of detrimental conditions to your health including most cardiovascular ailments and colorectal diseases.

Hemp seeds contain special plant proteins

hemp proteins

A little-known fact about hemp seeds is that they are one of the plant proteins that contain all the essential 21 amino acids making it a complete protein. Vegetarians find it extremely hard to get all the essential proteins and amino acids that are necessary to fulfill nutritional wants without the consumption of meat.

Hemp seeds contain all the eight essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce naturally and therefore need to be obtained through diet. Keep in mind that these 8 essential amino acids help strengthen muscles. Facilitates weight loss and also helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Reliable research suggest that hemp seeds can help to relieve insomnia

hemp and insomia

Quantity and quality sleep is necessary to remain healthy and have sufficient energy level to function normally. One of the most important nutritional properties of hemp seeds is that they are packed with high mineral content including Magnesium which helps to create an extremely soothing and relaxing sensation throughout the human body. It is known that Magnesium has a wide range of stimulating qualities on the hormones and enzymes that help to induce sleep.

These hormones include Serotonin. This is a hormone that is released when Magnesium levels in the body are elevated. The Serotonin travels to the human brain once released and here it is converted into Melatonin which is an incredibly powerful sleep aid. This is why most medications that are used to help insomniacs go to sleep contain Magnesium. Hemp contains a remarkable amount of Magnesium, in fact, just a single serving of hemp seeds contains close to 50% of the daily recommended dosage of Magnesium. This means that instead of complicated medications that have detrimental side effects, all you need is a single serving of hemp seeds to get quality and quantity of sleep.

Hemps seeds come in handy in preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis hemp healing

According to reliable studies on this plant, it is clear that hemp seeds contain a modest amount of calcium. Keep in mind that calcium is the mineral necessary for strengthening bones and is also the element that is actually responsible for the creation and repair of damaged bone tissue. The positive boost of calcium to anyone who regularly consumes hemp seeds will significantly reduce the chances of developing ailments such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and help in ensuring great joint health.

Hemp seeds help in the treatment of anaemia and reduction of stress

stress help from hemp seeds

One of the prominent minerals that can be found in hemp seeds is iron which happens to be an integral part of red blood cell construction in the human body. Keep in mind that iron deficiency can lead to anemia. This means that taking hemp seed regularly can help prevent anemia to a large extent. Some of the symptoms of anemia include fatigue, muscle weakness, recurrent headaches and a wide variety of other symptoms. It also does not hurt that iron is an element that comes in handy in reducing anxiety and lowering stress.

Hemp seeds are great for weight loss and in maintaining a normal body weight

weight loss from hemp

What most people don’t know about hemp seeds is that they come in handy in helping you shed any excess pounds that are keeping you from achieving your ideal weight. Hemp seeds are low in sodium content and also contain almost zero calories, let’s not forget that hemp seeds are also complete proteins containing 21 amino acids including all the eight that are not naturally produced by the human body. The best thing about Hemp is that part from being nutritionally sufficient; it can be eaten in large quantities without the fear of gaining weight excessively. Complete proteins come in handy in making you feel fuller for longer since the amino acids meet the nutritional needs of the human body. Regularly consuming hemp seeds will ensure that all the essential amino acids are in the body, therefore, inhibiting the release of ghrelin hence curbing hunger pains.

Hemp seeds boost muscle mass significantly

hemp boosts musle mass

Since hemp seeds have all the essential eight amino acids that cannot be naturally made by the human body. Keep in mind that muscle mass is important when trying to lose weight, maintain a normal body weight and also for a chiseled body appearance. Are you trying to build that perfectly chiseled body you see in magazines? Your best and most reliable way to achieve it is by consuming an appropriate amount of hemp seeds daily.

Regularly taking hemp seeds will help to reduce the risk of alcohol and drug relapses

alcohol treatment from hemp

The nonpsychoactive element in cannabis sativa known as Cannabidiol can be used to help curb cocaine cravings and also to combat alcoholism.

Multiple sclerosis

ms and hemp

When supplemented with primrose oil, hemp seed has been demonstrated to be extremely beneficial is preventing MS (multiple sclerosis). When taken consistently the combination of hemp and primrose oil will improve the symptoms of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.



Hemp seeds are rich in a protein known as Hydroslylate which comes in handy in lowering blood pressure significantly. This is what helps to prevent the risk of a heart ailment and the getting a stroke. Hemp seeds have amazing therapeutic benefits that help both in the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Hemp seeds help to regulate hormones especially those that cause menopause


These seeds are packed with Gamma-Linoleic acid which works as a highly effective hormone regulator for both the pancreas and thyroid. Additionally, studies have indicated that the sufficient supply of GLA can reduce the detrimental symptoms that come with hormonal imbalance during menopause such as anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Additionally, GLA will help to regulate hormones that affect both hunger and weight gain. In a nutshell, by re-balancing your hormones, your body will work optimally at the ideal level.

How to include Hemp Seeds in your Daily Diet Regimen

Taking hemp seeds especially if you are a beginner can be quite a challenge. What most people who are new to this nutritional powerhouse are unaware of is the fact that while the outer casing is quite hard the inside is soft and tasty. Perhaps you have seen this little seeds in your local store and are learning that they are nutritious yet have no idea how to use them, in this section, we will extensively cover great ideas on how to include hemp seed to your daily food intake.

Hemp seeds are a great and tasty salad topper

hemp seeds salad

If you are cautious about your health and maintaining a normal body weight then there is no doubt that both vegetable and fruit salad are a large part of your diet. Salads are a perfect side dish that ensures you have a great balanced diet that fulfills all your nutritional needs. One thing that cannot be ignored about salads is that they can get pretty boring quite fast. The most important way to make them more exciting when it comes to taste is by adding toppings. You will be amazed at how much fun and excitement toppings add to any regular salad.  Tired of the same old salad, here is a creative way to make it more interesting; just add some hemp seeds! They will not only add taste and texture but will also boost the nutritional value of the salad significantly.

Hemp seeds are a great addition to pesto

hemp seed pesto

Whether all you love is pesto on pasta or you want it on your salmon, there is no doubt that hemp seeds will make the pesto more tantalizing and rich nutritionally. Here is a short recipe to get you started in the right direction. You can alter it depending on what you prefer. The main ingredients are:

1 lemon wedge,1 package fresh basil leaves, Pink Salt to taste,1/2 cup parmesan cheese, 1 1/2 cloves fresh garlic,1/2 cup  Hemp seeds,1/4 cup olive oil, Pepper to taste

The method of making this tasty and nutritious pesto is easy; just throw in some garlic cloves into a food processor until they are finely chopped. Add parmesan cheese and hemp seeds until they are coarsely chopped. Simply add olive and basil oil and continue processing until the mixture achieves the desired consistency and is entirely smooth. Season with pepper and salt and then squeeze some lemon into the mix o boost the flavor of the pesto.

Hemp seeds are a great addition to avocado toast or to a bagel

hemp seed bagel

There are numerous combos that just work like strawberries and chocolate. Another combo that surprisingly works really great is hemp seeds and avocado. Simply sprinkle crushed hemp seeds to your avocado toast and you have a nutritious and tasty treat. Hemp seeds will take your simple avocado toast to the next level when it comes to both taste and nutritionally. An avocado is a nutritional powerhouse on its own seeing as it is packed with fiber and healthy fats when added to hemp seeds, there is no doubt that you will consume a healthy and tasty meal that will tantalize your taste bud and strengthen your immune system.

Hemp seeds are a great addition to hummus

hemp humus

Hummus is one of those delicacies that just work. When hemp seeds are added they make it more nutritious and add flavor and texture exponentially. Although the taste will not differ greatly, your body will surely thank you. All you need to do is to replace the tahini with crushed hemp seeds and water in your favorite hummus recipe. A great recipe is two tablespoons of water and two tablespoons of hemp seeds as a replacement for a half cup of tahini. Want to know why mixing crushed hemp seeds with hummus is a great idea?  Simple! This is an extremely versatile mix that you can use as a dip in your veggies or add to a sandwich.

We have explored some fun ways of including Hemp seeds in your diet, lets us now explore how to effectively and simply cook hemp seeds

As mentioned earlier, these seeds are rich in fatty acids, proteins, and fibers making them just as valuable as other healthy seeds such as flax and pumpkin. A quick tip that will ensure your seeds last longer is to store them in an airtight container in your refrigerator until you are ready to use them.

Toasting Hemp Seeds

Simply hit up a cast iron skillet on a low medium flame. When the pan gets hot toss in the seeds and when they begin to pop this is an indication that they are ready. When toasting the hemp seeds you dot require any oil because naturally, hemp seeds are rich in healthy oils. When toasting hemp seeds, the objective is to bring out their naturally sweet and nutty flavor. If you have nut allergies therefore excluded from their nutritional benefits, a great alternative is hemp seeds.  The toasted hemp seeds are a great topping for your favorite foods or snacks. Try sprinkling them on ice cream, dinner salads, oatmeal, and yogurt. They will offer an extremely satisfying nutty crunch.

Additionally, toasted hemp seeds are a great alternative for breadcrumbs. If you are trying to reduce carbohydrate intake then this is a great alternative for you when breading items such as when making a crust for baked fish or chicken. Using hemp seeds as an alternative for bread is great for people with gluten and insulin sensitivity. Hemp seeds as the coating give such a person an opportunity to enjoy breaded fish and any other foods that they usually avoid.

Another way to cook using hemp seeds is to grind them and add to baked goods

To grind your hemp seeds simply throw your hemp seeds into a thoroughly washed coffee grinder. Continue to pulse the coffee grinder until all the hemp seeds are completely ground into a fine powder that can seamlessly mix with flour. If you prefer you don’t have to grind them into a complete powder, this will give you some crunchy goodness in your baked goods. If a nutty crunchy texture you want then you don’t have to grind the hemp seeds into a fine powder. Once you have ground the hemp seeds to the consistency that you prefer all you have to do now is toss the powder into the batter when making the baked goods. This powder will add a nutritional value and a nutty and rich flavor to your baking recipes.

When glazing, it is best to simply sprinkle the grounded hemp seeds n top of the wet glaze. It is recommended that you completely avoid heating hemp seeds in an oven because then it will be less nutritious. When baking with a glaze whether it is a baked item or meat, simply sprinkle the hemp seeds immediately when done right before serving the dish.


After researching extensively experts have proved that eating plant-based foods are better than animal-sourced foods nutritionally. Hemps seeds are the perfect choice for any vegetarian because they give what animal proteins give you and even more. Hemp seeds are a superfood that will help you shed excess weight, maintain a normal and healthy body weight, strengthen your immunity and prevent the development of lifestyle ailments.